The Music Teachers' Association of California is a statewide network of professional music teachers 
devoted to the pursuit of excellence in the field of music education. The Santa Cruz County Branch includes 
over 50 qualified instrumental and vocal teachers who offer instruction at the University of California at Santa 
Cruz, Cabrillo College, and at private studios throughout the county. Business affiliates represent local 
businesses which recognize and support the activities of the Branch with their membership.

Branch special events include student recitals, guest lecturers and workshops on music topics, and master 
classes which are presented for our membership and the general public. Membership offers participation in 
these programs as well.

The Certificate of Merit program provides a graded standard of student advancement for all levels of instrument 
and voice categories through the tenth year of study. It offers a teacher syllabus, state evaluation, 
certificates of participation and opportunities for performance on regional and state convention  programs.

The Talent Bank Awards Festival is a merit scholarship program and represents one of our  branch's oldest 
continuous projects. Funded by donations and endowments, the annual festival awards over $1500 to outstanding 
county music students. This event of open auditions is held each spring at a selected college site. Students, 
teachers, parents and friends are welcome to attend. See the Scholarship tab for more information.

The Barbara Call Memorial Scholarship was established in 1999 by Barbara Call and her friends for excellence 
in performance for piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, or chamber music students from Santa Cruz County. 
It is held in conjunction with the Talent Bank Awards Festival in April at the UCSC music center. Barbara Call 
was a distinguished Santa Cruz County pianist, teacher, long time member of this branch and founder of the 
Talent Bank program. See the Scholarship tab for more information.

The Opportunity Grant is a scholarship program that provides financial assistance to motivated county 
students for private music instruction. Currently more than 20 young music students study with branch 
keyboard, string and woodwind teachers. The program has grown steadily since it began in the mid  
nineties. These scholarships are available to selected, qualifying students through fund raising and donations. 
Applications are available in late spring and reviewed during summer. See the Scholarship tab for more information.

SCC-MTAC Officers and Board of Directors (2015- 2017)

President: Carol Panofsky
Vice-President: Michael Rindt 
Treasurer: Barbara Jirsa
Recording Secretary: Mariann Eichhorn
Membership Secretary: Carolyn Christian
      Certificate of Merit: Ellen Khayat
      Publications: Robin Murray
      Directors at large: Cinda Thomas, Heather Thompson

   Santa Cruz County Branch
Music Teachers' Association 
of California
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President: Michael Rindt 
Vice-President: Michael Rindt
Treasurer: Barbara Jirsa
Recording Secretary:Mariann Eichhorn 
Membership Secretary: Carolyn Christian
  Certificate of Merit: Ellen Khayat
  Publications: Robin Murray
  Directors at large: Cinda Thomas, Heather Thompson
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